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This Is Dibber 

Dibber provides ECD services with the aim of making every child feel valuable and become the best versions of themselves. 

Dibber manages over 600 Early Childhood Education Centers in 10 countries. That is over 40,000 children who each and every day experience that they are valuable.

With a combination of warm-hearted qualified people, proven pedagogy principles, safe, stimulating and playful environment and modern digital systems, we develop and manage high quality ECD Centers around the world, while adapting and adopting to local nuances where applicable.

At Dibber, we are driven by heart.

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We develop lifelong learners with a heart for the world! 

At Dibber, we understand that for children to enjoy learning, it has to become a part of life. A structured atmosphere alone cannot successfully make this happen and so, it becomes imperative that they learn from their surroundings as well. Along with acquiring knowledge, we wish our children to be kind and empathetic to everyone and everything around them.  

'Hjertekultur' - Norwegian for Heart Culture 

At Dibber we say, “We are driven by heart.” This means we prioritize connections and value others. This culture is implemented at all levels of the company and is embedded in the pedagogy at our learning centers. It creates an atmosphere of belonging that people experience as soon as they enter any Dibber facility.


Our families and staff have told us it is something you need to experience for yourself because going into a Dibber learning center is like going home to family. We believe that valuing people for who they are, is key to maintaining an environment where everyone feels safe and confident. This also enables them to grow into the best version of themselves.


From the children in our centers to the employees in our global network, we are unified in our belief that everyone deserves to have the opportunity to recognize their intrinsic value and thrive. 

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Our Nordic Heritage

The Nordic countries are found to rank high not only in terms of academic achievement but also on various scales of success, happiness and overall satisfaction in life. This is believed to be a result of having a healthy work-life balance while incorporating a love for the outdoors. 

Right from childhood, children are given the opportunity to practice autonomy while experiencing solidarity, societal unity and shared values. This strong connection helps children to connect and stay aligned to our core values. We strive to find balance in all we do on a regular basis. This balance and focus on self and society creates development that is holistic in nature and supports the whole human. 


Hans Jacob and Randi, Owners with a Vision

Dibber was founded by Randi and Hans Jacob Sundby, two passionate educators, who have dedicated their lives to their dream of giving every child the opportunity to discover their value. With this mission in mind, Hans Jacob and Randi established their first center and began focusing on how they could cultivate their vision.


With a combined 40 years of pedagogical experience, they have their fingers on the pulse of crafting a quality early childhood experience. They have taken what is becoming a rare approach in business by maintaining close connection to the company and personally overseeing the pedagogy development and company expansion.


With Hans Jacob and Randi’s guidance, Dibber is expanding into new markets and infusing the heart culture into centers around the world. As Randi is fond of saying, “Dibber has a heart for the world.”

“What if all children could know how valuable they are?” 

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