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The Dibber Childhood

Dibber Child Development

The Dibber Childhood, which represents our pedagogy, is founded on the belief in children’s intrinsic value. Our pedagogy is rooted in early childhood research to support children’s well-being, development, and learning. At the center of everything is our Heart Culture which strengthens and broadens a child’s sense of character, connections, and social well-being and ensures intrinsic value and relationships come first.


Building on the environment created by the heart culture, we implement playful, holistic, and interactive learning experiences inspired by children’s natural curiosity and budding interests. In this way, children experience days filled with opportunities for new experiences, a sense of mastery, and growth at a pace that fits their needs. Competencies and skills are built into the curriculum to ensure we are nurturing well-rounded people that can navigate the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

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Dibber’s Heart Culture - the North Star for Everything We Do

At Dibber we believe that children’s development, health and well-being are directly impacted by the culture we create among employees, parents and the children themselves.

This is why we are so proud of our Dibber Heart Culture, which is our unique way of ensuring an inclusive and caring environment where we live our pedagogy principles every day. The culture is characterized by warm, engaging employees who create secure, interactive environments centered around children's needs and interests. In this, we aim for care and education to go hand in hand throughout the day – which we believe will make a loving and memorable childhood for our children.

The Dibber Heart Culture fuels our positive learning environment. It is one where children feel a sense of belonging and trust and where they are encouraged to explore.

The Heart Culture maintains this positive and child-centered learning environment by surrounding the children with positive role models who continual monitor and refill the atmosphere. By purposefully nurturing our Heart Culture, we know you will feel welcome and free to be yourself as soon as you open our doors.

Playful Learning, Interactions and Holistic Development 

Children interact with the world with their whole self engaging their minds, bodies, senses and emotions. When we look at the child's development as a whole, where all parts of the mind and body affect each other, we call it "holistic development." ​

A holistic view of development and learning aims to see the whole child the whole day and leads the way to mastery and self-efficacy.

Research into the development of brain architecture affirms that all areas of development are intertwined in a child's brains and behaviors. (Harvard University, 2015) Therefore, at Dibber, we facilitate learning experiences that ensure children are using their minds, bodies, senses, and emotions in social interactions with others.

We create opportunities for them to seek, wonder, explore, and learn in a flexible and adaptable physical environment that allows them to develop in all areas. 

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Meet Our Learning Friends



Hearty-Howard is all about kindness and empathy. He helps children talk about the things they are happy about and gives hand hugs.



Woody-Woo is keen to experience the wonders of nature with all his senses. He is wonder struck over everything he sees and experiences. He encourages children to ask questions and helps nurture curiosity.  



Rhyming-Roger loves reading, rhymes and riddles. He encourages children to read – in English and Chinese. Rhyming-Roger cares a lot about how we communicate with one another. He wants us to be positive when we talk. Dibber children do lots of reading!



Colour-Paletta loves colours and encourages children to get creative in different ways. Music, dance and art are among her favorite things. Colour-Paletta likes to use rhythm and music for acting and storytelling.



Counting-Connie counts everything she sees! She likes arranging and measuring things. She also loves to measure and weigh all sorts of things in the kitchen. Counting-Connie knows that children that love playing with numbers will grow into wonderful mathematicians! 



Play-Penny is a lively friend and full of fun and ideas. She wants children to play and explore every day, both indoors and outdoors, to stimulate curiosity and learning.



Jumping-Jack is always moving. He wants children to be active and stay healthy.

Parent Testimonials From Other Countries


The teachers at Dibber have been a positive influence on our child and have played a very important part in my daughter's growth...

- Parent, Hong Kong


Laila was inspired to get out of her shell. She enjoys every minute of her day with her lovable teachers and friends.  Thank you for guiding her as I truly value the effort which has been done to make her feel safe.

- Parent , UAE


The bright campus is full of natural light and opportunities for play and learning. I especially like the small classes and the personalised learning


- Parent, Hong Kong

Dibber Concept

Dibber Professionals - Our Greatest Asset

We stand out because of the people who join our Dibber family. Our people are warm hearted professionals who embrace a spirit of collaboration, set goals ambitiously, and support a holistic, long-term view of child development.


Once brought into the Dibber family, employees have access to continued education and training as well as collaboration with professionals around the globe allowing them to stay at the forefront of their professions.


We prioritize the maintenance of these connections through virtual meetings and in person learning experiences at our centers around the world. This collaborative network empowers people to assume their responsibilities, encourages personal and professional growth, fosters lifelong learning, and elevates all its members. Our people confirm time after time that they are truly our strongest asset.

  • Warm hearted professionals and role models​

  • Embody the Heart Culture and Dibber Childhood

  • Our people are our strongest asset

  • Leaders in their fields

  • Committed to continued education and growth

  • Network of experience and education

  • International and multicultural family

  • Think long term and holistically

  • Collaborate to bring out the best in themselves and others

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