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Dibber is wholeheartedly committed to transparent, ethical and conscientious business practices​.

Through growth, Dibber can give more children a good start in life. The company has clear growth targets and growth presupposes maintaining high quality of care services and profitability.​

We are building an environment of trust, transparency and accountability. We have policies and processes with clear roles and responsibilities. We address issues and vulnerabilities and improve thereafter.​


The focus of Dibber’s current governance efforts fall within the following categories:​

Corporate Governance 

  • At Dibber, equal treatment is the natural approach, and we endeavour to achieve a diverse workforce at all levels in our organization​

  • We have a clear decision-making structure that keeps everyone accountable and know the framework they can operate within​

Financial Stability 

  • We maintain high level of transparency when it comes to our financials.

  • Our operations are characterized by high ethical standards, sound business practices, awareness of our responsibilities and impartiality. 

Corporate Behaviour

  • We have zero tolerance towards corruption, bribery and other inappropriate influences in relation

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