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Dibber contributes to sustainable education and builds a foundation on which children, families and communities can thrive – for good!​

Dibber’s core operations contribute largely to growing the next generation to thrive. We inspire and drive development to make the society of tomorrow a great place to be, for everyone! At the same time we strive to do good for those struggling in today’s society. ​


The focus of Dibber’s current social efforts fall within the following categories:​

Human Capital​

Dibber aims at being the first choice for everyone who wants to work with child education. We prioritize a pleasant, healthy and safe work environment, sound leadership and development opportunities for all employees. Our Heart Culture, balancing the best competence with the warmest hearts, permeates the organization, and Dibber creates inclusive workplaces that are characterized by gender equality and diversity.​

Service Liability 

Dibber contributes meaningful values to the society through our core operations but also by taking responsibility beyond that. Our pedagogy is continuously updated in line with the latest child development research. Our long-term perspective ensures that we never compromise on our curriculum quality. We put safety of children in our care and our employees at the forefront.​

Social Opportunity 

Dibber will give as many children as possible the best start in life by giving them access to quality education and nutritious food. We aim at helping societies to build and maintain a sustainable education system, and where applicable, sound public finances. ​

A Heart for the World

Dibber recognizes that we are a part of something greater, and we choose to be involved in global social welfare:


Kibera, Nairobi: ​

In 2019, Dibber established the Creakids Learning Center, in Kibera, the largest urban slum in Africa. It is a modern center​ aimed at teaching basic reading and writing skills, and providing necessary materials to children in need.​


Zululand, South Africa:

Zulufadder is a charitable organisation that promotes education and self-reliance among young people from rural communities in South Africa.​

​The organisation provides the communities with schools, kindergartens, multi-purpose buildings and support in covering the population's basic needs (homes, clothes, medicines, and food).

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