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Dibber People & Culture

Our Values

We embody three value pairs emphasizing key balance in our culture. Maintaining these balances allows us to meet our vision ambitions and deliver on our promises.

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Warm-hearted & Professional 


We live the Heart Culture in our relationships with children, parents, and colleagues. We take a warm-hearted approach to every situation and create a safe, inviting environment around us


We commit to being our best by becoming lifelong learners who stay updated in our professions. we endeavor to build a network of professionals who can support and inspire each other.


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Playful & Driven


We create an environment of playfulness around us by nurturing a culture where we have fun, celebrate and enjoy working in the Dibber family.


We set high goals for our children, colleagues and company and believe we can achieve them, together. Dibber dares to dream big, imagining the possibilities, while embodying quality.


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Generous & Committed


We encourage our children, colleagues and company to rise up to the challenges of an ever-progressing world. We are solution oriented, embrace collaboration and give space for people to grow.


We have established a solid foundation with the Dibber Way that we are committed to share globally. This allows us to adapt and move forward while holding firm to our commitments and core.


Internal Cod of Conduct
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The Internal Code of Conduct

Dibber has the vision that we make the most important resource in the world thrive. In this vision, all children, parents, employees, and stakeholders are able to grow and live together in an ethical and conscientious world.

Dibber Reporting System

Breaches and reasonable suspicions about actual or potential breaches can be reported through the Dibber Reporting System.

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