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Code of Conduct

Code of Conducts and Business ethics 

Dibber has the vision that we make the most important resource in the world thrive. In this vision, all children, parents, employees, and stakeholders are able to grow and live together in an ethical and conscientious world. 


The Code of Conduct is a shared statement of our commitment to upholding the ethical, professional, and personal standards related to (a) human rights, (b) child welfare, (c) work environment, (d) speaking up, (e) compliance and data integrity, and (f) safeguarding our assets.

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For partners, vendors, suppliers and other relations

Dibber seeks ethical and other standards and principles are met in all our relations, existing and new, direct and indirect, and has adopted this External Code of Conduct.


All Relations shall report any breach or suspected breach of this External Code of Conduct to Dibber without delay. Anyone can anonymously report breaches or suspicions of breach to Dibber through Dibber’s whistleblowing online solution.

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