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We Develop Lifelong Learners with a Heart for the World

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The Early Years Have Never Been More Important

The first years of a child’s life set the stage for all future growth. It is becoming more evident that children’s first experiences and relationships deeply impact their long-term development, ability to learn and approach to facing challenges.

Children spend a huge portion of their time in Early Childhood Development (ECD) centers and that is why ECDs are essential in helping children to become the best versions of themselves. ECDs must ensure that all children have a childhood filled with joy, friendship and play as well as providing the foundation for their learning and future success.

Children need to be in an atmosphere that stimulates their development and nurtures their ability to form relationships. An environment that encourages interaction, exploration, and experimentation is a major component in this developmental process and provides an ideal place for growth in the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive domains. Supported by the meaningful relationships that form in our ECD centers, children realize our educators can be depended on to guide them as they learn new skills, build competencies and experience mastery.

As you see, Dibber ECD centers play an important role in ensuring that children activate these skills early on and establish a foundation for lifelong learning and development.

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At Dibber, We Are Driven by Heart

Dibber provides Early Childhood Development services with the aim of making every child feel valuable and becoming the best versions of themselves. 

Dibber manages over 600 Early Childhood Education Centers in 10 countries. That is over 40,000 children who each and every day experience that they are valuable.

We are driven by heart, and you will experience this in every Dibber facility. Our heart culture unifies us in our belief that everyone is valuable and deserves to have the opportunity to recognize their intrinsic value and thrive.

We Are Growing

Dibber is looking for more Early Childhood Development Centers to join our Dibber Family! Get in touch with us if you are interested to learn more!

Our Locations

Across Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa, Dibber develops and manages high quality early childhood education centers. We empower children to be the best version of themselves and master life. Dibber is preparing them for today and the days to come.

Enrol at Dibber

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