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Our Locations

Across Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Africa, Dibber develops and manages high quality early childhood education centers. We empower children to be the best version of themselves and to master life. Dibber is preparing them for today and the days to come.

Our Global Presence

Dibber has grown to be the largest provider of early childhood education in the Nordics. We have done this through embracing our vision, “We develop lifelong learners with a heart for the world,” and providing a quality, research-based approach to childhood. Our growth as a company has been carefully planned as we seek out not only markets that are receptive to our approach, but partners who embrace and embody The Dibber Way.


In this manner, we confidently infuse the essence of Dibber into each of our new centers. while supporting the individuality, spirit, and vibrancy of the communities we enter. By connecting our centers around the globe, we can recognize our unity and common goals while acknowledging the value and contributions of our local partners and the foundation they have established. At Dibber, we think global but act local.

  • Largest provider of early childhood education in the Nordics

  • Local contacts that embrace and embody The Dibber Way

  • Consciously involve the local presence

  • Balance Dibber values with local best practices

  • Access to a global network of resources, research, and support

  • Comprehensive training and access to shared resources

  • Collaborate with community leaders to achieve common goals



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